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Tungsten inert gas welding (TIG)

An inert gas welding process characterised by its constant-current supply, a non-consumable tungsten electrode, an electric arc, and a weld pool of molten metal that is easy to control.

Only inert gases/gas mixtures are used as shielding gases. The filler metal is supplied to the weld pool manually using a filler rod or as hot wire during automatic mode.

The use of preheated weld wire (hot wire) and potential narrow gap welding provides a considerable improvement of the deposition rate and increases the efficiency during the automated process.


  • High quality weld and process safety
  • Visually appealing weld seam without weld spatter/slag
  • Perfectly suitable for fixed-position welding and root welding

Our services

  • Manual and automated welding, including hot wire process
  • Surface welding with inside diameter >45 mm and a depth up to 1,500 mm
  • Joint welding of pipes and structures
  • Repair welding
  • Armour-cladding
  • Plating
  • Buffering


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