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Plasma Transferred Arc Welding (PTA)

An automated thermal coating process, which based on its very small metallurgical mixture with the basic material, can be allocated to tungsten inert gas welding process. Its characteristic is the very high energy density of the restricted arc, which is forced with the inert plasma gas through a cooled plasma nozzle.

Metal powder is used as filler material. In the inert gas atmosphere, this filler material is sprayed from the powder nozzles at the head of the burner onto the plasma arc.

Based on the application of the coating, the broad spectrum of powders available, makes it possible to meet almost any desirable requirement regarding the resistance to wear, corrosion, acid, brine, and heat.


  • Mixing with the basic material is kept at a minimum
  • small heat-affected zone
  • high application rate
  • high degree of automation for serial parts
  • arbitrary materials and material combinations
  • powder with tungsten carbide in order to increase the resistance wear

Our services

  • Armour-cladding
  • Plating
  • Coatings with embedded hard metal blocks in order to increase the resistance to wear


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