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Gas shielded metal arc welding (MIG / MAG)

During metal arc welding with shielding gas, the welding filler is supplied from a reel of welding wire and serves as a constant-current supply and non-consumable electrode.

The arc burns freely between the melting wire and the workpiece. Inert gases (MIG) and active gases (MAG) are used as shielding gases.

The use of magnetic pulse welding makes it possible to control the transfer of droplets without causing weld splatter.

We also employ flux-cored wire welding processes.
Contrary to a solid wire, here, the weld wire is a flux core in a tubular consumable electrode.


  • High deposition rate
  • High weld seam strength
  • High welding speed
  • Low weld distortion
  • Excellent thin metal properties

Our services

  • Manual and automated welding processes
  • Joint welding of pipes and structures
  • Repair welding
  • Armour-cladding
  • Plating
  • Buffering


Aluminium/ aluminium alloys | ferritic steels | austenitic steels | nickel-based alloys | anti-magnetic steels