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Flame powder spraying

This is a manual thermal coating process. Here, inside a special hydrogen/acetylene burner, the powdery material is dragged along with the hydrogen flow and melted in a flame onto a surface.

The expanding combustion gases accelerate the molted powder particles and the powder is sprayed onto the prepared surface of the workpiece. The resulting impact causes the deformation of the particles, which are deposited as lamellar coating (mechanical adhesion).

The simultaneous or subsequent melting compresses the sprayed-on layer and prevents almost any generation of pores.

Great variety of metal powders based on Ni, Fe, Co and mixed in phases of carbide in order to increase the wear resistance.


  • relatively simple handling; even if dealing with complex component geometries
  • very thin coat thicknesses
  • after the melting, the object is gas-proof and impermeable to liquid

Our services

  • Wear protection
  • Corrosion protection
  • Special application using embedded hard metal plates to prevent high wear


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