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Autogenous coating - Wear protection and special applications

Manual autogenous coating process using a manual hydrogen/acetylene burner and a manually guide weld filler either in form of a wire or welding rod.

A flame is used to melt the filler material onto a pre-heated surface and applied smoothly.

Subsequently, the solid tungsten carbide particles are distributed uniformly in the nickel/chrome and nickel/brass melted material, which serves as bonding agent between the workpiece and the carbides.

Areas of application

  • Deep drilling industry
    • e.g., stabilisers and cutter heads
  • Steel industry and foundries
    • e.g., blades, scrapers, guides
  • Highway construction and agriculture
    • e.g., excavator teeth and milling cutters
  • Cement plants and many more.

Wire coating

Nickel wire covered in a thick nickel chrome boron silicon sheathing with embedded tungsten carbide, available in many shapes and sizes.


  • exceptional abrasion resistance
  • simple repairs
  • no cracks and pores
  • coating thicknesses from 2 to 10 mm available
  • relatively large tungsten carbides from 0.2 mm to 2.00 mm available
  • no mixing with base material


Ferritic steels | austenitic steels | nickel-based alloys

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