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Heat treatment (700°C, 1292°F)

Heat treatment is a controlled process, witch is used to structure-changing of metals and alloys, witch material properties such as surface hardness, heat resistance, ductility and strength improves, and thus the service life of components can be extended. For the economic efficiency of a tool or component is the careful heat treatment of critical importance.

All annealing facility and temperature sensors (mineral-insulated thermocouple) are regulary inspected and calibrated pursuant to the relevant regulations with gauged test equipment.

If requestetd we allow to carry out material checks of external, indipendent and certificated test service providers and document.

  • Capacity
    - 1 electric-chamber oven (about 4 t max.)

  • Materials
    - all ferrous materials (steel, stainless steel, cast iron)
    - aluminium, brass, nickel-based alloys
    - special alloys

  • Inside dimensions
    - max. 2070 x 1300 x 1575 mm
    - min.- no restrictions

  • Piece / batch weights
    max. 4 t
    - min.- no restrictions

  • Temperature range
    - max. 700°C (1292 °F)
    - min. < 100°C (212 °F)
    - < +/- 5°C throughout the entire temperature range
      (periodic checks, protocols for each job)

  • Documentation
    Temperature-time curve of the oven compartment
      (up to 2 zones)
    - Temperature-time curve at the component (up to 2