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Quality assurance and certifications

Trust is good, control is better...For this reason, and in addition to our internal quality assurance, we offer you nondestructive testing of all weld seams and materials.

Upon request, an external, independent and certified inspector will implement the tests and document the results.

Visual inspection
Visual inspection of geometry, shape, and dimensional accuracy of welding seams as well as checking for potential weld anomalies.

Dye penetrant test
Highly sensitive non-destructive test procedure used to uncover material discontinuities in the upper layer of the surface.

Magnetic particle inspection
Non-destructive testing process of complex component geometries used to uncover slightly subsurface discontinuities or openings toward the upper layer of the surface and non-ferromagnetic inhomogeneities

Ultrasound testing
Non-destructive, volume-oriented testing technique in order to discover internal material discontinues and inhomogeneities; the thickness of coats can also be measured

Industrial X-ray testing
Non-destructive, volume-oriented testing technique of complex component geometries in order to discover internal material discontinues and inhomogeneities

Hardness testing
A testing procedure causing minor deformation in order to determine the hardness of materials and weldments.

Inspection of threads and tool measurements of drilling tools
The "all-round carefree package" for users of the oil and natural gas industry
Ready for the next job – Ready to go downhole.

The focus of our quality approach has always been and will be our customer. His requirements and expectations are the driving force behind all of our activities.

Our proficiency to understand our customers' requirements and make adjustments when necessary is a decisive factor—so is our ability to reflect these requirements with the objective to provide customer satisfaction in all of our products.

Our certificates:

  • DIN EN 9001:2008
  • DIN EN 1090-2-2008+A1-2011 EXC2
  • AD2000 HP0
  • DIN EN 3834-2
  • Stamp certificate
  • Welding-specialist certificates